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Primary Against Secondary Dysmenorrhoea

Dysmenorrhoea as it should be known for many, is painful menstruatsiey. A pain mainly feel in lower stomach.
Primary Dysmenorrhoea (POUND) also name Spasmodic Dysmenorrhoea.
The POUND is connected without identified tazovoy illnesses.
Secondary Dysmenorrhoea (SD) also name Close Dysmenorrhoea.
SD it is connected with various tazovymi illnesses, such as tazovyy endometriosis, adenomyosis, a uterine fibrous tumour, endometrial'nyy a polyp, IUD in utero (vnutrimatochnoe the device in a uterus).
The POUND is caused dysrhythmic by uterine reductions (hence named Spasmodic).
SD it is caused increased vascularity (a blood supply congestion)  in tazovye bodies (hence named Close).
The POUND is mainly noticed in teenagers, usually appears within two years after menarche (that is, age of the beginning menstruatsii in young girls). It is is more often noticed in girls of a rich society. It is cured after pregnancy and vlagalishchnoy deliveries.
SD it is noticed in women in their 30-s', more often in giving birth women (women who have given birth) more often. It nesvyazano with the social status.
In case of POUND the pain begins in some hours before or only with the beginning menstruatsii. The pain usually lasts within several hours, can be stretched at 24 o'clock, but seldom remains out of 48 hours. The pain can izoyti to a back and internal hips. The pain can be connected with other discomfort, such as a nausea, vomiting, weariness, a diarrhoeia, a headache, cold sweats, casual weakening.
In cases SD the pain seems 3-5 days to menstruatsii and reduces with the beginning from a bleeding. It does not proceed to other areas of a body. There is no other discomfort connected with it.


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